Weekly U.S. Power Generation

Weekly US Power

Weekly U.S. Power Generation
Photo by Alexandru Boicu / Unsplash
Please find attached a new report from Enersection, our Weekly U.S. Power Generation

The report will break down the changing nature of the U.S. power stack and also highlight locational differences making the U.S. grid a hodgepodge of fuel mixes

As always, we rely on the data to tell the story

Enersection will soon roll out similar research - Solar Monthly, Wind Monthly, Geothermal Monthly, Drilling Productivity Analysis, US Oil Production Analysis, SPR Breakdown, etc.

Let us know if you have any requests

Wind Underperforming YTD

The weekly piece tracks YTD power generation by fuel type versus the prior four years.  It stuck out to us that 2023 wind power generation is below 2022 (see below).  Despite the massive IRA investments, humans can't control mother nature.  Hot temperatures and less wind have stymied US wind growth.

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