Weekly Oil Data & Introducing Cover 2

Weekly Oil & College Football?

Weekly Oil Data & Introducing Cover 2
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Total U.S. commercial oil & products rose by 7.11 million barrels. U.S. commercial oil stocks rose by 5.85 million barrels. The U.S. SPR rose by 1.00 million barrels. On the product side, gasoline stocks dropped by 2.66 million barrels. Diesel stocks dropped by 1.71 million barrels.

Total products supplied were 20.7 million barrels, up 6.4% versus last year. Imports were higher by 14,000 barrels. Exports were lower by 2,923,000 barrels.

U.S. oil production was 12.6 million barrels, up 3.3%.

Interactive data can always be found at this link

🚨. We have been far less active on Enersection than expected this year but expect the energy content to increase from here. We appreciate the patience.

We have been busy

First we built Wrapify to help create slide decks and automate reporting

To help market Wrapify and highlight the ability to scale data visualization workflows and reporting we recently teamed with 4 college students and a high school senior to launch Cover 2 Data

Cover 2 will provide advanced stats and high-end data visualization for all Power 5 football teams, with the team sending out 170 +/- emails per week once the season gets going
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Cover 2 Data

Cover 2 Data Blitz | Substack
College Football Advanced Data, Data Visualizations and Team & Player Insights. Click to read Cover 2 Data Blitz, a Substack publication. Launched a month ago.

What Will You Get By Subscribing to Cover 2

We expect to send out daily emails throughout the college football season. Using the CFBD API and data and high-end data visualizations, we intend to tell stories and provide insights about Power 5 football teams and conferences with charts, tables and maybe even maps.

The current contemplated schedule

Saturday - Game summaries

Sunday - Conference rundowns

Monday - Game Previews

Tuesday - Advanced conference offensive stats

Wednesday - Advanced conference defensive stats

Thursday - Power 5 betting lines & eventually analysis

Friday - Advanced conference player data

Cover 2 Backstory

4 college students (Arkansas & Texas Tech) + 1 high school senior

1 new Google Workspace™ add-on (Wrapify)

1 great college football API (collegefootballdata.com)

1 ambitious idea

Sprinkle in Substack with some scripts, some Google Sheets™, Docs™ & Slides™, easy content creation with Wrapify + Datawrapper and some elbow grease and here we are roughly a month later, launching coverage of 68 Power-5 College Football teams.


College Football ‘Moneyball’ for the Masses

Data is data. Whether business data or sports data, visualizations and BI tools are used to extract insights. Advanced statistics have long been used by Vegas and teams to set lines or draft better players. Thanks to Cover 2 and the CFBD API, those statistics and more are available for all Power-5 teams in a easy-to-consume package delivered to your inbox.

Bettor, alumni, student, journalist, sports reporter, or rabid college football fan you’ll be more informed about your team and conference with Cover 2.

More About What You’ll Get

Team and conference college football data, data visualizations, insights, advanced statistics and betting lines. Interactive and static visualizations with emailed, online and pdf content. Short summaries of games and datasets.

You can subscribe at the team and conference levels. Once you subscribe at one of our five conferences, you can select to receive content from one, up to all teams in that conference, while also receiving conference and player conference data insights and advanced statistics.

To subscribe to all five conferences, subscribe at Cover 2 Data Blitz , instead of at the conference level.