U.S. Thermal Generation

Coal generation down 26% YTD

U.S. Thermal Generation
Photo by Joey Harris / Unsplash
Through May 18th, coal generation is down 26% versus a year ago and, remarkably, slightly lower than 2020 through the same date, when the world had shut down

Natural gas generation is up 12% versus last year

Coal generation represents 30% of the U.S. thermal stack thus far in 2023, the lowest split of the coal + natural gas stack on record

Low natural gas prices and increasing renewable generation are eating into coal share

Lumpy Coal

Through May 18th, coal generation is down 26% versus 2022.

Enersection has been tracking daily thermal generation, with the data recording the lowest daily coal generation on record recently.

Likewise, 2023 has seen the lowest percentage split of coal generation.  

Trailing 12-month coal generation is down 14.3% versus natural gas up 9.5%.

Coal has ranged from 25.1% to 27.6% of the thermal stack over the last seven days with an all-time low of 24.4% on May 5th.