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U.S. Solar Monthly
Photo by American Public Power Association / Unsplash
We are pleased to introduce a new report providing insights into the U.S. solar market

Utility-scale and behind-the-meter datasets are utilized to provide a detailed look at national and state level solar generation and capacity

Much of this data is not available via the EIA API but instead must be collected and wrangled from spreadsheets posted to the EIA site so we believe this report provides insights generally unavailable elsewhere

For the datasets available via the EIA we utilized Wrapify, the Google Workspace add-on we created that now includes an interface to download EIA data from the API

Wind, geothermal, coal and natural gas monthly reports will begin to roll-out next week

Some updates:

We are planning on moving Enersection to Substack in the near-term

We are also planning on creating a large bullpen of energy reports such that you will receive content on a more consistent basis with the goal of effectively daily content to educate and elucidate Energy markets and the Energy transition movment

As part of these changes we expect to move to a freemium model, with the full content inventory available at a small monthly fee (ie $20/month)

Please share Enersection with friends, family and colleagues that may be interested in our content

We are always open to doing demos for Wrapify and are available for consulting or contract work related to energy data, data visualizations or other analysis

Please see the attached report

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