U.S. Power Stack in Pictures

We visualize the US power stack

U.S. Power Stack in Pictures
Photo by NASA / Unsplash
As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words

In the near future Enersection will be releasing a deep dive: "U.S. Renewable Power Profiles: The State of 50 States"

The report will delve into the Inflation Reduction Act, current U.S. renewable status and provide state-by-state analysis of renewable generation, renewable capacity, emissions and green jobs

As part of that work summary U.S. charts on generation, existing capacity and planned capacity are shown below

U.S. Power Generation and Capacity

As we've discussed in the past, the Texas power market is enormous at more than twice the size of the second largest state

U.S. power generation capacity varies significantly across states.  The U.S. has fifty energy policies rolled together rather than one, creating challenges and opportunities.

Please note that this chart is interactive when viewed online and provides the ability to isolate fuel types and highlight percent of total

Visually it is easy see the changing nature of the U.S. power grid when comparing operating and planned capacity

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