U.S. GHG Emissions

We look at US GHG Emissions

U.S. GHG Emissions
Photo by veeterzy / Unsplash
As part of the recent collaboration with Bloomberg, we ingested EPA FLIGHT data on greenhouse gas emissions (GHG)

FLIGHT data comprises roughly 10,000 facilities / companies and represents approximately 80% of U.S. industrial and power emissions

The data was geolocated to U.S. Congressional districts

80 of the top-100 emitting districts are Republican

74 of the top-100 emitting facilities are coal plants

TX-36, TX-14, WY-at-large, LA-2, OH-6 are the top-5 emitting districts in the U.S., but this interactive map provides data on all 435 districts

The top-50 emitting facilities in the U.S. are shown in the table below.  Targeted efforts may be needed to help these districts shut down these large emitting facilities.

Trade-offs in the form of new renewable energy manufacturing or generation capacity could provide a carrot and stick approach.