They Might Be Giants

We look at Texas renewable growth

They Might Be Giants
Photo by Kyle Johnston / Unsplash
Watching Texas renewable generation during 2022 is a reminder of the saying 'Everything is Bigger in Texas'

Solar generation during May in Texas was 62% higher than May 2021 and a whopping 545% higher than May 2018

Wind generation during May in Texas was 32% higher than May 2021 and 63% higher than May 2018

We provide context for the scope and scale of the wind and solar buildout in the Lone Star State

The changes taking place on the Texas power grid are impressive.  Solar remains just under 4% of the Texas generation stack, but its rapid growth is providing another leg to the stool of Texas renewable dominance

Texas monthly renewable generation is nearly 40% higher than California's, the 2nd largest state and 200% higher than the 4th largest U.S. state for renewable generation, Oregon.

To put things in context, there are only 8 U.S. states that produce more total power than what Texas generates in renewable power

Whether oil & gas production or renewable generation, Texas is a true giant in energizing the U.S. and the world.