Everything Is Bigger in Texas - Wind Edition

We put the size of Texas wind generation in context

Everything Is Bigger in Texas - Wind Edition
Photo by Pete Alexopoulos / Unsplash

Texas wind power generation is a juggernaut, having more than 3x'd the last decade.

Deservedly known for being oil & gas rich, Texas is leading the U.S. green energy push with 26% of total U.S. wind capacity.

With 35,000 MW wind capacity currently, Texas is set to build another 10,000 MW +/- of wind farms over the next two years.

Texas generates more wind power than the next 3 states combined.

We put the size and scope of wind power in the Lone Star State in its proper context.

Texas Wind vs U.S. States

Using the rolling 12-month, monthly average to smooth volatility, Texas now produces more wind power monthly than the total power produced in 37 states.

It appears likely that by 2025, Texas power generation from wind will exceed total generation from all sources from all other states in the U.S. other than four - Illinois, Pennsylvania, Florida and California.

Said differently, with only 12 states currently producing more total power generation than Texas wind generation, the Lone Star state is set to surpass another 8 states in relatively short order.

Texas Wind vs the World

If 'Texas Wind' was its own country, it would be the 37th largest electricity generator in the world and will approach the top-30 by 2025.

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