Monthly Planned US Generation Report

Breakdown of EIA 860-M

Monthly Planned US Generation Report
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Attached please find a PDF report detailing Monthly planned U.S. generation from the EIA-860M

The online, interactive version can be found here

Both sets of charts and the text in the slide deck are 100% automated with Wrapify, a Google Slides & Sheets add-on we created to solve our own pain points with data ingestion, visualization and content creation

Chart, map and table creation and management has never been easier. Data-driven slide deck creation is intuitive and fast

Reporting can be easily-automated. Think of a mash-up between think-cell and Crystal Reports in a no/low-code form factor with cloud native Google and Datawrapper layers

Please give it a try at the Google Workspace store, we'd love to iterate around 20-30 power beta users

Monthly Planned US Generation

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