Green Dollars

Where are U.S. renewable dollars being spent

Green Dollars
Photo by Mackenzie Marco / Unsplash
To supplement the recent Bloomberg collaboration, we have included a map and table showing the top-50 U.S. Congressional districts for planned renewable projects by dollar-value of investments

The underlying dataset uses the EIA 860-M planned renewable capacity as of April 2022

Bloomberg NEF and NREL estimates are utilized at $1.04/MW, $1.58/MW and $1.20/MW for solar, wind and battery capacity, respectively, to estimate district-level capital investments

Strange bedfellows rank as #1 and #2 representatives - Kevin McCarthy and Liz Cheney, with three Texas districts filling out the top-5

Green investments lean quite Red with 40 of the top-50 districts Republican

The top-50 districts represent 78% of all U.S. planned renewable capital investment, or $83 of $107 billion using the aforementioned estimates

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Where U.S. Renewable Investments Are Going