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‘US Renewable Profiles - The State of 50 States’ is a comprehensive look at the U.S. Power industry in aggregate and on a state-by-state level. While Federal policy influences power markets and fuel source choices, the U.S. power market is composed of 50 mostly connected, but often unique state power grids. Regulated, deregulated, blessed with or lacking great wind, solar or hydro resources, large or small—our datasets illustrate how every state is different and at a different stage in its energy transition.

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Some other updates:

- Enersection has been furiously working on an Energy data tool, which we hope to make available for access in the near future
- We have also stumbled into an elegant and automated way to create high-end presentations (slide decks) and other content by integrating with a visualization platform
- We are actively seeking consultants, investment banking or investor relations professionals to beta test the slide deck add-on
- Please reach out to jeff@enersection.io if interested 

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