Energy Wild Turkeys of 2022

Ten Charts Defining 2022

Energy Wild Turkeys of 2022
Photo by Suzy Brooks / Unsplash
Happy Thanksgiving to all!

2022 has been a wild ride in energy markets

To commemorate, we provide ten charts to highlight some of the themes dominating the news

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All the Stuff'ing From 2022

Just charts to fill your bellies

U.S. oil production has been largely flat for years away from Texas and New Mexico

The Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR) has been drawn down to levels not seen since the 1980's

EU gas storage has been filled before winter despite initial concerns driving European natural gas prices to record highs

Diesel crack spreads have witnessed six standard deviation moves

U.S. Diesel supplies are low, particularly in the Northeast

U.S. generation mix continues to shift

U.S. capacity will change dramatically over the next decade

Tax credits ensure wind and solar growth will be substantial

Battery storage project growth is hyperbolic

The Inflation Reduction Act provides additional tax credits for projects in Energy Communities, which includes areas with closed coal mines or power plants