Energy Chart-a-Palooza

Charts, charts, charts

Energy Chart-a-Palooza
Photo by Nicholas Cappello / Unsplash
There is no shortage of energy news or changing data to visualize

Russia-Ukraine. Record crack spreads. $120 oil. Inflation Reduction Act. $4+ gasoline. European energy crisis. OPEC maneuvering. Ripping natural gas prices. Runaway inflation.

That's all just 2022

Our long -term goal is to break our content out into energy subsectors, each with insights, datasets, chart libraries, and interactive data dashboards. For now, we'll try to continue to provide data-driven insights.

We have a Special Report (250-300 page) coming out in the near-future that will provide state-by-state breakdowns of renewable activity in the U.S. - look for that soon.

We love to hear feedback on the product. We are also open to engagements including data analysis, data visualization, infographics, strategy, messaging, outsourced IR, consulting, fundraising help or similar contract work. Drop us a line at to discuss.

Energy vs Technology

Despite the moves in Energy stocks in 2022 vs the struggling broader market, there is a long way to go in the energy-tech relationship historically

Dirty Coal

Enjoy this interactive map showing CO2-equivalent emissions for all U.S. power plants by location and fuel source

Coal represent 21% of U.S. power generation but 51% of U.S. power generation emissions

Everything is Bigger in Texas

Slight variation on a chart we've done in the past

Renewable power generation in Texas is now larger than total generation in all other U.S. states but five - California, Florida, Illinois, Pennsylvania and Alabama

Slow & Steady Wins the Race

The first half of 2022 saw the most zero-carbon power generation in U.S. history, at 41%

The slope of change likely steepens soon on the heels of the Inflation Reduction Act passage

Natural Gas Prices Hitting Power Prices

With natural gas near $10/MMBtu we'll likely continue to see substantially higher power prices

Industrial power prices are the closest to wholesale for the best insight into fuel dispatch pricing

The U.S. states with the highest exposure to natural gas generation have seen their power prices increase 3x more than the states with the lowest exposure to gas-fired power and now have industrial power prices 33% higher

Current Planned Capacity Expansion

The numbers are expected to go much higher than the current 128,000 MW capacity planned project pipeline after the IRA

Texas is building 20% of the U.S. planned capacity

Solar is 44% of planned capacity additions