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Energy expertise

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The intersection of traditional energy sources and future ones

Our mission is simple, to distill complex energy market datasets into balanced and data-driven energy business intelligence.  We want to empower investors, business professionals, policy makers and other energy market participants with rich, interactive visual content.  Ultimately the goal is to be viewed as energy thought leaders by having the best energy insights from the best energy datasets and the best user interface.

Energy data collection, curation and content creation will allow us to democratize energy insights and business intelligence.  Although we have decided to start with a newsletter to test the waters and gauge interest, our long-term plans are bigger.

Monthly reports, annual reports, special reports, interactive dashboards, and a design-driven platform to allow dense data sets to be explored quickly and easily is partially the vision.  

We hope you come along for the journey

Jeff Davies

Veli Gasparovic

Amanda Davies  


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