2023 U.S. Power Capacity

A picture speaks 1,000 words

2023 U.S. Power Capacity
Photo by Andreas Gücklhorn / Unsplash
EIA data suggests 55,500 MW of power capacity will be installed in the U.S. during 2023

Solar dominates at 53% of utility-scale capacity additions; the data excludes residential / BTM solar

Texas represents 23% of the 2023 capacity pipeline

The project pipeline is back-end loaded - generation will lag capacity tie-ins

U.S. Power in Pictures

All 2023 planned power plants are mapped.  Data is available on hover and in the table below.

Everything is bigger in Texas.  Nearly a quarter of all U.S. power additions are being built in the Lone Star state.

25% of 2023 capacity additions won't occur until December, delaying the contribution of additional generation to the grid.

Solar dominates 2023 at 53% of power capacity growth.  Solar, battery and wind total over 80% of capacity additions.

The impact of the Inflation Reduction Act is yet to be felt in power markets.  2023 is the baseline to measure the IRA impact going forward, but the changing nature of the U.S. power grid and embracing of renewables is obvious and visual.

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