20-Years of U.S. Power Generation Visualized

20-Years of US Power Generation Changes

20-Years of U.S. Power Generation Visualized
Photo by Karsten Würth / Unsplash
As the saying goes, a picture tells 1,000 words

U.S. power generation since the early 2000's is visualized

It is apparent the U.S. power grid is a mosaic of demand and generation changes

A handful of states are carrying the U.S. renewable generation momentum currently....

A Picture Tells 1,000 Words

As seen by U.S. total generation, power demand hasn't budged materially in 20 years in the U.S. outside a few areas , largely due to efficiency gains

Everything in Texas is bigger, including power generation

Coal generation declines have moderated recently

There are few signs natural gas power generation growth has flatlined

Hydro and Nuke power have been mostly steady for decades

Meanwhile, renewable generation growth has gone parabolic in Texas

But growth outside the Big-3 (Texas, California, Washington) is seeing an uptick

Solar Generation is concentrated in California

While wind power is concentrated in Texas

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